Architecture, Design and Project Management by Andrew Nelson


Preliminary steps

For either the renovation of an existing property, or the building a new home, the first step concerns learning the details of the project, of budget and time schedule.

Design & Building permit

From information gathered, sketch drawings are developed and discussed with you. Once these have evolved and are approved, scale drawings of the plans and facades  with other necessary information will then be submitted for planning permission

Building Process

The uniqueness of you home will come largely through your own personnel touch in the choice of tiling, bathrooms, doors and other all important features of the interior design.
I will accompany you in your reflection and contribute my experience with suppliers to obtain the best quality and prices for materials.
Once these choices have been established, tender documents with descriptions and quantities for all the different contractors are drawn up.

Final Project and Tender

Once the results of the tender have been received, and after discussion and refinement with you, contracts between owner and contractor are drawn up, specifying price, delivery schedule, penalties and insurance obligations.

Co-ordination and accounting

Site meetings are held and site reports with photos are transmitted weekly to ensure that building runs smoothly.  
The contractors are informed of any changes you may wish to make and your agreement is necessary for any corresponding price modifications before any supplementary work is implemented. This insures the owner against any overrun in the budget.
Monthly invoices and accounts are checked and you are presented with corresponding payment schedules to be acquitted.

Final Completion

Once the work has been satisfactorily completed, you are assisted in formally pronouncing the” final completion” of the work.
Contractors will only be freed of their obligations once you are satisfied and any snags have been repaired.
As from this date, the insurance policies of the different contractors (valid in certain cases for 10 years) will become active.


Remuneration is purely on a fee basis, usually in 2 stages

  • Design and establishment of plans with application for planning permission
  • Detailed working drawings,  tender, site management and site accounting

The overall cost of both phases is usually between 10 and 12% of the cost, depending on the complexity and size of the project.